Reviews For " I Love You, More"



I have read many books on addiction in the past, and having gone through the same process myself, and then later forming a company to help others help themselves, I can tell you that I’ve never read a book that comes anywhere close to being as useful and valuable to individuals, families, and even societies as this book.

Here’s why.

In his introduction, Blake starts off with what this book is NOT about, because the vast majority of books written on addiction over the years fall into one of these categories that he stays well away from:

1) Personal redemption after recovering from addiction
2) The nation’s battle with the drug epidemic
3) Rampant corruption of the pharmaceutical industry
4) Feel good story about false hope

Rather, it is about providing emotional education to family members and others that suffer from the challenges of caring about and loving someone that is addicted, and therein lies all the difference in the world between this book and all of the others that I’ve encountered.

Blake write’s incredibly well, and these three short stories will certainly resonate with all of you dealing with addiction. I usually pack a book in my backpack and read outside in the sun, but I couldn’t do that with this book because it was so emotionally moving that I connected with it in a way that brought tears to my eyes, so I ended up reading it in the privacy of my home.

I’m not going to say anything about the three short stories, no spoilers here, so buy the book, read the stories, and you’ll likely gain a much deeper understanding of the surrounding issues. This is not a book of science (thankfully), but rather a book of emotion.

After the stories, Blake provides a message for those who are struggling, one for their family members, and then Blake’s father provides some sage advice from a father’s perspective.

The book concludes with discussion questions for each of the stories, and then a notes section at the end. In other words, this is one to buy a hard copy of, and not a kindle version.

This is a book where you don’t want to buy just one copy, but five or ten because you either know people who could benefit from Blake’s insight right now, or you will meet them in the very near future. I plan on always having at least five in my backpack at any given time to spread the word and provide well-founded hope.

Finally, I told my one of my teenage sons who is living in Europe about the book and its value. He too was impacted by being a family member of someone addicted, and at the end of our call I said “I love you”, and he said “I love you, more”!

Thank you Blake!

Don Hernandez - CEO of Enlyte Inc.

I Love You, More, is a collection of 3 short stories that offer varying perspectives on addiction. It’s challenging to capture and put into words the pain that addiction causes families, but Blake has done a beautiful job.

The profoundly heartfelt afterword from Blake’s father will make you cry, and offer hope to those parents that may not have any.

With a realistic delivery packed full of emotions, I Love You, More, is a book that I highly recommend for anybody that has been touched by substance abuse.

Amanda Daniels, Author of Addict Chick

This book is extremely powerful. It gives you a glimpse into what addiction really looks like. I’m someone who doesn’t have real experience with addiction, so often times it’s hard for me to understand. This book showed me that addiction is a real thing, doesn’t always have a happy ending and many people are suffering from it on a daily basis. The author of this book doesn’t only give you fictional short stories, he gives you touching parts of his journey through addiction. Beautifully written, I truly enjoyed the personal aspects of the book as well, the foreword, the author’s message and the father’s perspective, they all added an additional touch to this well-written book! I’d highly recommend I Love You, More to anyone who is struggling with addiction, or knows someone who is.


I read this book the day it arrived. 3 different stories about addiction. I didn’t want them to end. This book isn’t just about addiction, it focuses a lot on how the family is living through it. An important read for anyone who has an addict in their life.


Just finished reading this book. I can't even begin to describe the spectrum of emotions I am feeling. The three short stories are written in a very easy-to-read, captivating way, but nothing about the experience of this book is easy. If you're looking for a raw, heart-wrenching, and honest journey into the mind of a person struggling with substance use disorder, read this book. If you haven't experienced the heartbreak of loving someone unconditionally while their substance use drives them to cause endless pain and harm, read this book. If you don't know the horror of hearing that your loved one has died from an overdose--that earth-shattering moment when time seems to stand still--read this book. And, on the contrary, if the trauma, pain, and desperation associated with substance use disorder is all too familiar to you, read this book.

And a side note: The author, Blake, is a real life hero who works endlessly to help as many struggling families as he can. My family has been touched by his compassion and we remain forever grateful.

Leah R.