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Testimonials for Blake

Testimonial #1

"Blake Cohen is a phenomenal presenter who is passionate about mental well-being. I have had the pleasure of working with him as a speaker for our Mental & Behavioral Health Summit, which drew a crowd of 600 registrants! He has also done 5+ presentations for my employer and broker clients employees, and every single one has raved about him.  He truly takes the stigma out of the conversation and makes people feel at ease in the discussion.  I would highly recommend Blake for a speaking role in the area of mental & behavioral well-being!"

_Jenny Jenkins 

(Corporate Wellness Magazine)

Testimonial #2

"Blake’s youthful, welcoming demeanor made us all want to sit back and listen to what he had to say.   His knowledge of the subject was engaging enough, but then we got to hear his personal story.  Blake’s truth and the wisdom he’s attained was so relatable to some of the employees that we had several conversations during the seminar about specific issues. 

Sharing his insights and the hard facts about addictions truly helped educate my team."

-Kathy McBride


Testimonial #3

"Addiction is never an easy topic to approach, but Recovery Unplugged presentation of the Silent Workplace Illness is thoughtful, inclusive and goes at the heart of an important and often painful topic.  Blake Cohen does a great job of connecting the audience, providing a safe space for discussion and giving important insight that is helpful to those who are personally suffering or friends and family of someone suffering.    For any employer that is committed to ending the stigma around mental health and addiction, this is a great opportunity to bring awareness to employees and family members."

-Amanda-Rae Garcia

(Marsh & McLennan Agency)

Testimonial #4

"Blake Cohen has been a speaker with Living Skills in the Schools for over a year. He has the unique ability of being able to share both the experience of his life story and as an Addiction Professional. Blake 

delivers interactive research-informed presentations on the latest drug trends to students in middle school through college.  Blake always shines in his willingness to study the most updated material; his 

openness to take feedback, and his commitment to representing our organization as a professional in 

the field. "

-Suzanne Spencer

(Living Skills in the Schools)

Testimonial #5

"I have received, for months after Blake's presentation, multiple compliments from our employees on what they heard from him. His passion, openness, and willingness to be vulnerable has led to the beginning of a shift in our work environment. Blake places an emphasis on fostering an open work environment where employees feel comfortable asking for the help they need. This philosophy is crucial in these dire times this country is facing. Highly Recommend.

-BounceX Employee

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